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Established in 2009 in an aim to meet the needs of the sector, duygun cosmetic industry and trade inc. Is active in the personal care and cosmetic branches. As a foundation philosophy, it adopted the customer satisfaction as a principle.

Along with founding strong partnerships, following closely the trends determining the cosmetics and personal care developments, timely production system, perspective focusing on the customer satisfaction, and frequently updated product range, duygun cosmetic has been one of the pioneers of the sector. Keeping its finger on the pulse and being aware of the fact that the sector is a field rapidly changing and renovating along with the technological developments, duygun cosmetic has always succeeded in reaching the best in a short time and supplying these opportunuties to both domestic and foreign partners by founding solid relations with strong suppliers.

Following the preparation by professional staff under the supervision of the chemists in our production plant where the lastest technology is applied and the conditioning in cold warehouses, our products are supplied to the market after a cafeful examination and approval by the department of quality control.


Duygun cosmetic employees have taken raising the bar of quality in the sector and improving their skills by attending the training courses, making the company be recognized in business sector and both inside and outside market by sharing their knowledge and experience regarding the sector   


Duygun cosmetic shall apply its policy in order to accomplish its above mentioned missions and strategic goals by adhering to its quality policy. It is a foundation that meets the needs of its employees and customers timely and completely and fulfills the requirements of iso 9001:2008 quality management system in the scope of this purpose.